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We accommodate just about any line of work!

We offer a number of sharpening services for just about any knives, tools, saws, scissors, shears, and blades you could imagine.

Choose the type of service, which works best for you!

Drop-Off Service:

Customers can drop off items at our main location at 2708 Via Venado in Santa Fe.  This is a residential area.  For specific information, read the content under the “Drop-Off Instructions tab.”

Mobile Service:

We can come to your business or home and sharpen most things on-site.  This way your items are sharpened and returned in a matter of minutes.  This is great for those who cannot be without their tools.

Ace Hardware in Santa Fe on the corner of St. Michael's Drive and Cerrillos Road:

We pick up and drop off on Mondays and Thursdays of each week.  In most cases, items picked up on Monday are returned the following Thursday by the day’s end, and items picked up on Thursday are returned to the store on Monday, by the day’s end.

Jo Ann's Crafts and Fabrics:

We set up to sharpen items for the public at Jo Ann’s stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on a Saturday afternoon.  Check our “Events Page” to see when we will be near you next.

mixer blade tool
vegetables peeler
Versatile hand tools for various applications
barber tools
woman is shaving her hair using trimmer
kitchen knife set and other utensils in background
A pizza cutter with a black handle and silver blade against a white background
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a woman shaving her dog's hair
a lady trimming dog hairs using scissor
a lady cutting man's beard using scissor in a salon
a woman cutting kids hair using scissor
Clipping and shaping hair with precision clippers
a woman cutting piece of cloth using scissor
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knife with sharping edge
3 Knife on a wooden table
a man in gloves dismantling a tool
Maintenance and lubrication with blade oil
Adjusting length with clipper guards
Dynamic sharpening services
Detail-oriented actions for comprehensive blade maintenance
Reliable blade maintenance services

Industry Specific Services

Food Industry

We sharpen everything in the kitchen: knives, scissors, meat slicers, buffalo choppers, mandolins – you name it. If you’re a chef or cook, rely on us for all of your sharpening needs. Additionally we offer a knife leasing program for restaurants and commercial kitchens. We offer over 25 different types of commercial knives, scissors, pizza cutters, dough cutters and more

Medical Industry

We sharpen medical/dental instruments.  We carry a large assortment of first aid products that can be used in the workplace.  Give us a call today to explore your options.

Vets & Groomers

We sharpen just about any blades or clippers needed for vets and pet groomers. All work comes with a 30-day repair/part guarantee. Give us a call today to explore your options.

Beauty and Barber Industry

We sharpen all types and brands of professional hair-cutting shears for both Barbers and Beauticians.  This includes but is not limited to the following: Professional Hair Cutting Shears or Scissors, Thinning Shears, Clunker Shears, Japanese Shears, Professional Barber Shears, Razor Edge Shears, and more. We sharpen both Right or Left-handed shears.

We also sharpen and repair all types and brands of clipper blades, and repair almost any brand and/or size of clippers.

Carpenters & More

Carpenters, homeowners, woodworkers – we will keep your cutting tools sharp and ready for your next project. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Gardeners & Landscapers

Regularly sharpened tools, increase productivity and increase the amount of work an employee can do, shortening the project labor time and saving you money.

Hollow Grinding Service

For knife makers or anyone else needing a knife thinned down. These edges are excellent for the person in need of a sharp knife and needing the ability to quickly sharpen the knife when the knife dulls. This service turns any knife into a knife similar to the type meat cutters use.

Seamstresses/ Textile Artists

 We sharpen almost everything for the upholstery and fabric industry. We sharpen scissors (all makes and models), rotary cutters, carbide surger blades, etc.

Individuals/ HomeOwners

We sharpen all types and brands of knives, scissors, garden tools, hunting knives, gas-powered mower, push mower, electric/gas-powered hedge trimmers, crow bars, and more.

Refurbished Knives

Do you need a super sharp NSF quality knife at a fraction of the cost of a similar new knife? We have them. Our refurbished knives are knives that our restaurant owner customers have used and have become too small for restaurant use. We then take the knives, sharpen, clean and sell them at bargain prices.

Professional Sharpeners

Drop-off or mail us your used Tru- Hone Grinding Wheels and, using our custom-designed lathe, we’ll restore them to like new condition. The cost is much less than factory redressing.

Farmers and Ranchers

We sharpen animal clipper blades of any size.  In order to score well at shows, fairs, or just regular grooming, the animals always look and feel their best when properly groomed with sharp clipper or animal blades.  If your clipper isn’t working well, we can fix that for you as well.

Cutting Board Resurfacing and Replacemnt

For approximately half the cost of the new cutting boards, we can resurface your stained and damaged cutting boards and in most cases make them look as good as new. In cases where boards are too thin or worn, we can replace them and customize the new boards to meet your specific needs.

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A man wearing boots digging in the soil with a shovel
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a man cutting grass in ground using big cutting tool
garden hoe, which is a long-handled tool with a thin metal blade used for cultivating soil, removing weeds, and gardening tasks
Professional sharpening for cutting tools and instruments